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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended the decision to share an unfounded conspiracy theory on Twitter, suggesting that former President Bill Clinton was linked to the death of a wealthy financier accused of trafficking. Jeffrey Epstein. conservative expert, ”Trump said Tuesday of Terrence K.…

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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended his weekend resolution for the pretend section. conspiracy theory on twitter suggesting without evidence that early Invoice President Clinton has become a technique linked to the death of wealthy financier accused of sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

"He is an extremely respected conservative commentator," Trump said Tuesday of Terrence Enough. Williams, the person whose tweet the president shared.

"He's a big fan of Trump. And that turned into a retweet. That wasn't from me. It turned as soon as his. But he's a man with half a million followers, reasonably enough followers," Trump persisted, talking. with reporters as he traveled from his summer getaway in Bedminster, Contemporary Jersey, to Pennsylvania.

“Usually what we are saying is that we want an investigation. I want a fleshy investigation, ”Trump added.

Epstein transformed as soon as learned unanswered in his prison cell on Saturday. His death from an apparent suicide prompted instant questions about why he was no longer monitored more carefully. Epstein had no longer been in peep suicide at the time of his death, a couple of knowledgeable people in the investigation reported NBC Files.

Trump's retweet of the conspiracy theory surrounding the motive within the support of Epstein's death triggered instant clearance. The Democrats accused him of collaborating in reckless habits and expending his energy to attack political enemies.

Celebrated attorney William Barr announced on Saturday that the Justice Division would hand over an investigation into the conditions surrounding Epstein's death.

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Lauren Egan reports to NBC Files, based primarily in Washington.

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"This has become a retweet snippet": Trump advocates sharing the conspiracy theory that links Invoice Clinton and Epstein

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