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LONDON [Reuters] – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday denied lying to Queen Elizabeth II while continuing to face stress over his determination to suspend parliament in the course of the current Brexit crisis.

Johnson suspended parliament from tuesday to mid october, something he claims is critical to put collectively in a new parliamentary session and a new legislative agenda.

Thanks to an irregular peculiarity of Britain's constitutional monarchy, to achieve this he wanted to ask the queen's permission and reveal his reasons for the suspension – the longest since World War II.

On Wednesday, the supreme civil court in Scotland noted that this recommendation and the suspension were illegal because they were clearly designed to "prevent parliamentary scrutiny" of the authorities.

Asked in an interview: "Did you deceive the queen by asking her [suspend] the parliament?"] Johnson spoke of: "Absolutely not."

The feedback put the prime minister at odds with three senior judges of the Scottish Session Court, the construction of the case that used to be heard.

The court ruled that the firm motive for suspending Parliament was not, as Johnson told the queen, to pave the fashion for designating new legislation, but genuinely designed to prevent lawmakers from examining their Brexit plans, which contain the chance of a high Controversial 'no settlement' scenario, UK construction leaves no divorce settlement.

"This used to be a blatant case of a transparent failure to comply with the behavioral patterns of the most permissible public authorities," commented the summary.

Defending himself on Thursday, the prime minister illustrates that a parallel court case used to be rejected by the Supreme Court of England. This and the Scottish case will be heard in the UK Supreme Court on Tuesday. In the middle of Thursday, a separate pleasant scenario for a non-compromised Brexit used to be rejected in Northern Ireland.

Ministers and advisers to Johnson officials criticize criticism for suggesting that the Scottish court's determination used to be politically motivated. Johnson talked about it not his own, stating that the UK machine used to be "one of the gigantic glories of our structure." They are self sufficient. "

Johnson says he wants to trade a Brexit brand across Europe, but says it will be interesting to stop trading on October 31 if it is critical. Here it is though authorities have predicted worst case scenario – which used to be forced to send on Wednesday – stating that it would eventually lead to financial problems, civil unrest and food shortages.

The funny cases were launched by those determined to prevent the prime minister from continuing with what they considered a reckless direction of action.


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