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Vegetarian and Pescetarian diets, by chance, would lower the likelihood of coronary heart disease, by comparison. However, vegetarians and vegans are also more likely to agree to spills than meat eaters.

Entry into U.Ok's enthusiastic 48,188 Americans is fine. recruited between 1993 and 2001, when they had no previous history of cardiovascular disease. This one umbrella time lapse contains situations that affect blood vessels, along with attacks and lateral coronary heart attacks. They answered questions about their diets, before going online, and again in 2010 spherical.

The researchers extinguished this information to divide members into three groups: meat eaters; fish eaters (fishermen); and vegetarians, along with vegans.

When, in contrast to meat eaters, fishermen and vegetarians agree with a 13% and 22% lower probability of developing coronary heart disease, respectively.

On the other hand, vegetarians and vegans agreed with a 20% higher probability of stroke than meat eaters. This used to be broadly related to hemorrhagic stroke: a comparatively usual Acquiring the condition to establish weakened vessels fracture and trigger bleeding in the brain.

This is the first time to understand whether or not strokes are related to vegetarian diets, according to the authors.

Seek co-author Tammy Tong, nutritional epidemiologist at Oxford University, advised Newsweek that, as the comparison used to be observational, the people, by chance, by chance, didn't solve what's behind this link.

“There is more recent evidence that implies that low levels of total or LDL cholesterol If you are conserving against coronary heart disease, very low levels would be linked to a comparatively better likelihood of a stroke, which is the subtype of stroke that used to be best among vegetarians when we look at strands, ”she said.

“Vegetarian and vegan diets are also naturally low in some vitamins, comparable to the B12 weight reduction design available on the market for vegetarians in some fortified meals and dietary supplements, but otherwise more affordable naturally available. at the animal market meals. A thorough comparison determined that there would be a link between vitamin B12 deficiency and a better likelihood of stroke, but the evidence is not conclusive. "

Tong said more comparison is needed to decide to link all cholesterol and vitamins in a particular person, who enjoy the B12 weight-loss design likely to spill. And because the wire used used to be in accordance with U.Ok. inhabitants and especially white European Americans, it is necessary to compare more to confirm whether the results are generalizable to Americans of other ethnicities or living in other regions of the environment.

She noted that staff had a lower probability of coronary heart disease in all fishers and vegetarians and vegans, the same number of cases in coronary heart disease cases in fishermen and 10 fewer cases in vegetarians compared to who eat meat. , in every 1,000 Americans who have been drinking these diets for more than 10 years. By distinction, there would be by chance by chance three more cases of stroke in vegetarians than meat eaters in the same time frame.

Speaking broadly about the new scientific consensus on healthier weight reduction design, Tong said: “There is factual evidence that an alternative to healthy eating patterns, alongside Mediterranean weight reduction projectbut also the Nordic weight reduction design or the DASH weight reduction project as an illustration, it is linked to minor dangers of some chronic diseases.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and pulses are strongly characterized in these diets, as well as low levels of red and processed meats, Tong said.

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Scientists have investigated whether side diets and how adversaries to meat are linked to coronary heart disease. This inventory image of a couple having lunch.


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