Woody Allen presents himself as a #MeToo champion after Scarlett Johansson's protection of the filmmaker – My Blog

Woody Allen has doubled the comments of the past twelve months, claiming that he has been an implication for the #MeToo motion.

On a interview with France 24 Friday, Allen acknowledged that he no longer apologized for announcing that "he should calm down like the #MeToo motion boy." help in June 2018. "I've worked with hundreds of actresses, no longer considered one who has ever complained about me; it's no longer a single complaint," Allen acknowledged. "I've been tipping women for years, and we've paid them the same number of men continuously."

"I have finished all the pieces that the MeToo movement wants to kill," added Allen.

The interview came before the French premiere of his movie. A rainy day in original Yorkwhich once became the origin filed by distributor Amazon Studios. At the time of its gradual production in 2017, the #MeToo movement began and rekindled the ardor over allegations that Allen had sexually assaulted her adopted daughter Dylan Farrow in 1992 when she was seven years old in tatters. Allen continually denied the accusations.

In possibly possibly additionally, of these twelve months, it has been reported since Amazon had returned the US distribution rights of A rainy day in original York help for allen.

Allen's most recent comments correspond to the sentiment of Scarlett Johansson, who defended Allen earlier this week in an interview with the Hollywood reporter. "I admire Woody," she acknowledged. "I informed him and would work with him anytime."

Johansson's comments sparked frequent reactions, including from Farrow herself, who acknowledged on a gradual Wednesday that "Scarlett has a long methodology to lead in designing the topic she claims to advocate."


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